Last updated: 
10 July 2019

eServices electronic correspondence

In response to customer feedback IP Australia have made an enhancement to eServices which increases the length of time correspondence may be stored. 

Currently eServices retains correspondence items for a period of upto six months, or until the mailbox reaches a maximum capacity of 2500 items, whichever occurs sooner. Once implemented, the enhancement to eServices will allow correspondence to be stored for upto
15 months. Mailboxes will retain a maximum capacity of 2500 items. 

The enhancement was released on 10 July 2019.

See eServices correspondence request guide for more details. 

IP Australia Fee Review 2019-2020

IP Australia last undertook a fee review in the 2015-16 financial year. The 2019-20 fee review reflects our commitment to ensuring our cost recovery arrangements continue to be in line with the Australian Government Cost Recovery Guidelines. During this review we are inviting you to comment on our current fee structure, with consideration given to ideas that ensure we are setting fees that are consistent, transparent and will recover the costs associated with administering the IP Rights system.

We have conducted a public consultation period, which ended on 16 May 2019. All constructive proposals and submissions will be considered and work-shopped in order to explore their viability and impact. While not every submission will result in immediate changes to fees, this exploration will feed into a longer-term strategy on policy objectives for future fee reviews.

We see the fee review as a chance to explore how our fee structure might influence several themes including, but not be limited to:

  • supporting innovators by balancing our fees with costs of doing business
  • increasing flexibility and efficiency for IP Australia and our stakeholders
  • exploring the impact fees have on the quality of IP applications and competition in the marketplace.

It is only through constructive feedback on our current fee structure that we will ensure our fees are consistent, transparent and will recover the costs associated with administering the IP Rights system. For more information or to be involved, please see the Fee Review page.